About me

A freelance web designer with focus on quality products & competitive services

Fadi Madhoun - Freelance web designer

I’m Fadi Madhoun

Freelance Web Designer

A freelancer web designer with experience building professional websites for small and medium-sized businesses.

My story

I sat my goal of being a freelancer web designer in 2019 after I successfully built some websites and online stores for my friends and family for help and fun, and now couldn’t be happier.

Having extensive experience in business analysis, business process automation, IT application projects, as well as customer experience design and improvement, I was able to manage my freelancing work, build reputation, and establish long lasting relationships with my clients.

Why work with me

And what to expect working with me


I love doing things right the first time. Being so focused on what really matters for your business, who your audiences are, and what is expected from your new website, I will be able to deliver your project on time, and also give it the amount of time and effort it requires so I can do your work correctly the first time and avoid rework.


Quality of work and service is what I think is the best marketing strategy. The actual design process of your site won’t start until the necessary planning, industry research, and benchmarking is done. I also like to pay attention to every single detail in your website design, from font pairing to color section or even more technical work.


Building long-lasting partnerships with my clients is an incentive that will allow me to assist you much like an in-house designer. Your website and data will be in safe hands, and your role is to focus on growing your business, managing the team, and efficiently run your business operations.


I do the majority of the work on my own, and I don’t hesitate to work with a few developers and marketers who are the best in their field should your project requires more specialized resources or is outside my scope of expertise. I will be the only point of contact during the project’s life cycle.

How I work

A proven end to end approach

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